Sometimes Iím looking for an explanation for what Iím doing
- for what Iím photographing.
I havenít found an answer yet.

--- ---

My work has been shown in several shows:
at Galleri Giga in Leirvik, "Fotografiens Hus" gallery in Oslo,
and at the Halsnøy Monastery.
2015 my work was selected for the Open Stage event at Landskrona Fotofestival.
It has been featured in the 2018 portfolio issue of f-stop magazine
and published in Der Greif #6 and #9.

2018 I was selected as participant for the ISSP Summer School where my work was part of the final group show "Infinite sauvage" at the Kuldiga Art House.

2019-2020 I am taking part in the ISSP Masterclass "What should I love if not the enigma" with Jason Fulford.

My book "From the daydreamer's diary" was shortlisted for the Nordic Dummy Award 2014.
My book TUPILAK was self-published in 2018.

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