Self-published in 2018.

First edition limited to 100 copies.
Handbound and numbered.
Print: 4 color offset - printed in Norway at HBO.
Paper: MultiDesign Original White 150 gsm and 300 gsm.
Graphic design: www.hjelmen.dk.
Editing, sequence and layout: Frank Biringer.

Format: 20 x 16.5 cm with 7 pages that unfold to 20x42 cm.
24 (10) pages, 20 photos.
ISBN: 978-82-691043-0-1
Price: NoK 200 / EUR 20 (+ shipping)
- to order: send me a mail; you can pay using paypal, vipps or bank transfer.
The book is also available at:
- Tronsmo, Oslo
- Galleri GIGA, Stord
- Rammemakaren, Stord
The book is on display at:
- Ilulissat Kunstmuseum, Ilulissat, Greenland
- Josef Chladek - Virtual Bookshelf